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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): General Dentistry

How can we help you?

It’s important to us that you are comfortable with the decisions you make about your dental treatment. We appreciate your questions because we can learn what matters to you and what your oral health goals are.

Here are a few of the questions we hear most often from our patients. But we know you probably have some of your own that aren’t listed here. If so, please don’t hesitate to call our Groveport dental office at (614) 836-0500 or send us an email using our convenient online contact form.

General Dentistry

At Groveport Smiles, we understand how challenging it can be to find time in your busy schedule for dental appointments for everyone in your family. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain healthy smiles and will be happy to schedule as many as three family members at the same time.

It’s easy to maintain a problem-free smile when you visit your dentist every six months for dental checkups and teeth cleanings. By scheduling family dental appointments, you can be confident that all your loved ones are receiving the care they need for healthy smiles.

During your family’s six-month dental appointments, Dr. Garrison will examine your teeth to look for any changes since your last dental visit. She’ll use an intraoral camera that lets you view real-time images of the inside of your mouth. If Dr. Garrison detects a problem, she can point it out to you so you can see for yourself why you need treatment.

Next, you’ll have a dental cleaning with Melissa or Tiffany, our dental hygienists. They will look for signs of gum disease and tell you if you need to be doing a better job with brushing and flossing. You’ll receive a thorough cleaning and gum disease treatment if necessary.

If you would like to arrange a family dental appointment at our Groveport, OH dental office, please call us at (614) 836-0500.

Dr. Garrison has been practicing dentistry for 18 years, but she has a passion for learning about new materials and technology that benefits you, the patient. For many years, dentists didn’t have choices when it came to filling a cavity, but today we do.

If you have a decayed tooth, we usually recommend a tooth-colored filling to strengthen and protect it. Silver fillings are very durable, but they leave an obvious dark spot in your mouth. On the other hand, tooth-colored fillings in Groveport, OH match surrounding teeth and blend seamlessly with your smile.

One reason our patients appreciate tooth-colored fillings is because they look so natural. Since the material is made from tiny glass and resin particles, it has a translucent appearance that resembles tooth enamel. Once Dr. Garrison places a tooth-colored filling in your tooth, even you won’t be able to detect it!

Filling a decayed tooth with tooth-colored material is critical because it strengthens and protects the tooth from further damage. The process is straightforward, and Dr. Garrison can expertly fill a cavity in just one dental appointment. 

Do you have a toothache and suspect you need a tooth-colored filling? Please call Groveport Smiles, to arrange a dental appointment with Dr. Garrison. 

Yes! Our warm, friendly dental team loves welcoming children of all ages to our dental practice. It’s a pleasure for us to help your child develop a positive attitude about dentistry. Dr. Garrison and our team will go out of their way to make sure your child feels safe, happy, and secure with us. Building their confidence is essential because forcing a child into treatment who isn't ready can have a negative impact that follows them for the rest of their lives.

But you don’t ever have to worry that will happen at Groveport Smiles! Dr. Sacheen Garrison has three children of her own, and she understands that our youngest patients need a gentle, patient approach.

If it's time for your toddler's first dental visit, we’ll make it low-key, so they don’t experience any stress. Dr. Garrison can count their teeth, let them look in the little mirror, and give them a ride in the dental chair. Above all else, we want your child to be comfortable before we treat them.

Since we treat children of all ages, we’ll continue seeing your son or daughter into their teen years and beyond. We’ll provide the age-appropriate care they need, including dental exams, teeth cleanings, dental sealants, fluoride applications, and custom mouth guards for protection.

If you’re looking for a gentle children’s dentist in Groveport, OH, please call us to arrange a dental appointment for them. 

We look forward to welcoming your child to our dental practice!

At Groveport Smiles, we use a short-lasting local anesthetic to numb your mouth during treatment. The effects last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, but the exact length of time depends on several factors. 

The Dose You Receive

The higher the dose of local anesthetic you receive, the longer the numbing effects will last. The dosage depends on:

  • The procedure we’re performing
  • The number of nerves we need to numb
  • The size of the area we’re treating

For instance, a simple filling requires a smaller dose than a root canal.

Your Body Chemistry

The effects of anesthetic and low long they last vary from person to person. Certain medical conditions, for instance, may affect how your body breaks down the anesthetic. 

Speeding up the Process

The effects of a local anesthetic start to wear off as your blood circulation increases, and the drug is carried away into the bloodstream. You may be able to speed up the process by taking a walk or staying active after treatment. Just be sure to check with Dr. Garrison first as she may not want you to be physically active so soon after your procedure.

Call Us with Your Questions

Please don't hesitate to call our Groveport, OH dental office if you have questions about the effects of the local anesthetic we use. 

At Groveport Smiles, we understand that it’s difficult for many people to figure out how your insurance coverage applies to their dental treatment. But we don’t want you to worry, because we are here to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Lori is our office manager and has years of experience handling dental insurance. While dental insurance rarely covers the cost of everything, she will do her best to check your benefits and provide an estimate before treatment. While these estimates don't guarantee coverage under your plan, you will have at least have an idea of what your final out-of-pocket cost will be.

We accept all insurance where you can go to the dentist of your choice. At our Groveport, OH dental office, we are in-network with the following:

  • Aetna PPO
  • Cigna PPO
  • Delta Dental PPO
  • Superior
  • United Concordia

If you don’t see your insurance on this list, please call our dental office because we update it periodically.

Don’t have dental insurance or need help with an out-of-pocket expense? We’re pleased to work with CareCredit third-party financing. CareCredit offers interest-free financing (usually for 6, 12, or 18 months) that let you make smaller monthly payments that fit your budget.

If you have questions about dental insurance or CareCredit, please call our Groveport, OH dental office at (614) 836-0500, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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