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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dr. Garrison has been practicing dentistry for 18 years, but she has a passion for learning about new materials and technology that benefits you, the patient. For many years, dentists didn’t have choices when it came to filling a cavity, but today we do.

If you have a decayed tooth, we usually recommend a tooth-colored filling to strengthen and protect it. Silver fillings are very durable, but they leave an obvious dark spot in your mouth. On the other hand, tooth-colored fillings in Groveport, OH match surrounding teeth and blend seamlessly with your smile.

One reason our patients appreciate tooth-colored fillings is because they look so natural. Since the material is made from tiny glass and resin particles, it has a translucent appearance that resembles tooth enamel. Once Dr. Garrison places a tooth-colored filling in your tooth, even you won’t be able to detect it!

Filling a decayed tooth with tooth-colored material is critical because it strengthens and protects the tooth from further damage. The process is straightforward, and Dr. Garrison can expertly fill a cavity in just one dental appointment. 

Do you have a toothache and suspect you need a tooth-colored filling? Please call Groveport Smiles, to arrange a dental appointment with Dr. Garrison. 

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