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How long am I going to be numb?

At Groveport Smiles, we use a short-lasting local anesthetic to numb your mouth during treatment. The effects last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, but the exact length of time depends on several factors. 

The Dose You Receive

The higher the dose of local anesthetic you receive, the longer the numbing effects will last. The dosage depends on:

  • The procedure we’re performing
  • The number of nerves we need to numb
  • The size of the area we’re treating

For instance, a simple filling requires a smaller dose than a root canal.

Your Body Chemistry

The effects of anesthetic and low long they last vary from person to person. Certain medical conditions, for instance, may affect how your body breaks down the anesthetic. 

Speeding up the Process

The effects of a local anesthetic start to wear off as your blood circulation increases, and the drug is carried away into the bloodstream. You may be able to speed up the process by taking a walk or staying active after treatment. Just be sure to check with Dr. Garrison first as she may not want you to be physically active so soon after your procedure.

Call Us with Your Questions

Please don't hesitate to call our Groveport, OH dental office if you have questions about the effects of the local anesthetic we use. 

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